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  • Highly Recommend

Until recent, I have never faced a situation where someone was attempting to take advantage of me so egregiously. Mr. Cabral generously took his own time to speak with our family and reassure us that if needed, he had our back. His passion for defending honest tenants against greed is obvious from the first encounter. His compassion and empathy for those that have never been exposed to situations of bad faith is comforting.

Posted by a client

  • Such A Great Attorney!

This man is a genius! Leonard helped us with an invalid collection when I had been turned down by several lawyers, and it was taken care of quickly! I was able to get my family’s life back on track. The only thing I wished I’d done was gone to him sooner!

Posted by Heather

  • If You Want Results, Mr. Cabral Is The Guy Hands Down!

I was wrongfully evicted from a student housing conflict. After contacting a few lawyers about my situation it was Mr. Cabral [that] seemed the most knowledgeable about clearing up my situation. I had a meeting with and it was clear that he would do whatever it took to get results. Within two months of meeting with him I got the results I asked for and It was very painless. He will work for you no doubt. I highly recommend. This guy knows his stuff and will get the job done.

Posted by Jim

  • Amazing Attorney! One in a Million!

After contacting scores of Landlord-Tenant Attorneys I was told over and over “you may have a good case but you can’t win it, a landlord in Florida can non-renew for any reason”… Being that there were many extenuating circumstances to my family’s dilemma involving a Section 8 Apartment Lease (non-renewal) I was not completely convinced all the so called “Experts” were right! After meeting Leonard and relating all of the facts and details I knew we were in the hands of a true expert in this area of law. Leonard’s grasp of the situation was fantastic and it was obvious his knowledge base was formed from his personal experience in litigating numerous cases which were similar to ours. Leonard fights for the tenant and believe me he FIGHTS! The man is awesome and his efforts have made all the difference! I would recommend Leonard to any tenant who has a problem with their landlord, don’t waste your time dealing with any of the rest, HE IS THE BEST! Thank you Leonard! We truly appreciate what you have done for us!

Posted by Billy 

  • Attorney Cut From A Different Cloth.

Mr. Cabral took all the time I needed to explain the law in layman terms and the possibility of winning the case. He showed up in court and my case was dismissed. I was very happy.

Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

  • Fighting For What’s Right!!

Mr. Cabral is just amazing. He helped us with a serious issue regarding overage charges with a big time cell phone service provider. The contract from the company was violated as they had a “global” contract that did not cover certain areas. To make matters worse, this cell phone was specifically bought for an Army soldier who was going BACK to Iraq within a week of purchasing this phone and global plan. In store, they told us the global plan covered Iraq – as this is the ONLY reason we purchased this phone. Come to find out, Iraq was NOT covered in the Global plan, only to find out after there were $21,000 worth of charges for making calls back home. Pretty sad on the company’s part – even after months of trying to get this fixed ourselves – explaining that they are charging a vet who was on the battlefield thinking he had a global contract with this company. The company did nothing until Mr. Cabral got a hold of them. They have now dropped the charges and the debt is off of our credit report. I would recommend Mr. Cabral to anyone – he is fair, here to help real people and will fight for what is right.

Posted by Valerie

  • An Outstanding Lawyer That Genuinely Cares

My wife and I, coming out of school, got ourselves mingled in a rental property deal that became too sour too soon after having paid a large sum of security deposit to the landlord. Of all the lawyers we reached out to, Mr. Cabral was the first one to proactively step up and take the time to review our case and provide us with tons of quality information and guidance. Although we consulted over phone calls, in every single call I felt as if I was talking to a great friend, to say the least. Mr. Cabral’s genuine character and desire to help has earned my loyalty for all future legal matters. Thank you very much.

Posted by a client

  • Excellent Lawyer!

I am very happy to have hired Mr. Cabral as my lawyer. Have to say that there’s few or no other like him. I called him two days before mediation and he scheduled me for next day consultation without any excuse. He was there for me when I needed someone with the knowledge to represent me. He guided me and helped me get back our security deposit from landlord. Thank you Leonard for being the amazing person and great lawyer you are!

Posted by Rubisel n Doris

  • Always There No Matter What You May Need 

I have known Mr. Cabral for many years and has helped me with many cases thru the years. He handled a few landlord tenant issues for me that due to my own fault never ended well for me. The one thing he always told me was to take pictures. He is a great Attorney and person.

Posted by Dina


Our Company has problem in returning some equipment that we ordered within a week and never used. The vendor refused to accept the equipment and even sent it back to us. They even continue to charge out credit card for the recurrent payment. We cancelled the credit card. They had a collection agency sending us a letter, threatening to put a debt collection on our personal staff member credit report. At one point, we were just going to pay the rest of the payment for the equipment we never use. But our Staff determine to fight for it. We contacted our attorney, Mr. Leonard Cabral. Within a week, the vendor called, apologized, gave us a refund and picked up the equipment. We highly recommend this attorney. No matter how big or small the case is, he will fight for you. He is the best attorney we have ever worked with. He is professional, fast, efficient and very effective.

 Posted by a client

  • A GEM In A Field Where So Many Others Are Not
  • With two brothers who are attorneys, a myriad of college classmates who went on to practice law, too many occasions on which I have had to depend on the legal system to find redress, and a “brief excursion” into law school myself, I am very familiar with “the good, the bad, and the ugly” in American jurisprudence. Frankly, I long ago lost most of my youthful “confidence” in our system; a perspective I retain with only the occasional exception. Len Cabral IS “that exception!” I retained Leonard Cabral in order to assist us when the condo we were renting was foreclosed on, and I depended on his legal counsel again, just over a year-and-a-half later, when we sought to purchase the condo from the bank. In both instances, Len fought the necessary fight, won resounding victories on our behalf and was unbelievably fair about compensation. I endorse this man without any equivocation, whatsoever. If you have a chance to retain him and need a GREAT lawyer, he is that true “perfect catch!!”

    Posted by Brian PC

    • An Expert In Tenant- Landlord Matters, Professional, Altruistic And Knowledgeable

    Mr. Cabral has been advising, supporting and representing us in a very difficult matter with FNMAE. We had a valid lease under the Obama Protecting Act for tenants but the new owner of the apartment FNMAE , did not want to recognize it as bonafide. We went to court. Over this difficult process he was always readily available to us by phone and email, and never left us unattended. Thanks to Mr. Cabral’s representing us in court we resolved this matter and everything went perfect. Mr. Cabral is very kind, generous and an excellent attorney. He knows his profession to the most outstanding level of dignity and is an honorable man.

    Posted by Mary J

    • Excellent Rating!

    Excellent service, response time and a pleasure to work with. Mr. Cabral has helped me out on several occasions and has always done what is right.

    Posted by Raymond

    • A Skilled Attorney You Would Want In Your Corner.

    I telephonically contacted Mr. Cabral’s office with a question regarding my lease. Mr. Cabral spoke with me directly and in an unhurried manner, explained the answer to my question. He exhibited a caring, calm and patient demeanor. I am very appreciative to Mr. Cabral for taking the time to speak with me.

    Posted by Kathy

    • Outstanding, Intelligent, and Compassionate 

    My experience with Mr. Cabral has always been pleasure. I have used him several times. When I left a message, he always returned my phone calls and/or emails in a reasonable time frame. In my opinion, his rates were reasonable for the time and effort he put into my cases. The results of my cases were always handled to my satisfaction. I would use this attorney again without hesitation.

    Posted by Donna

    • Security Deposit Return

    I called from outside Mr. Cabral’s practicing area for info on Fla. Stat. 83.49 security deposit [SD] return info. He gave me a different perspective on what issues to consider in the landlords [LL] bogus claims against my SD return. I did look into those suggestions and think I may have some good evidence to submit against my ex LL at trial, so good deal. Thank you sir! Appreciate your time in answering my questions. If I was in Mr. Cabral’s area I would definitely consider hiring him as an attorney in a LL/tenant action. Highly recommended.

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client

    • Tenant/Wrongful Eviction

    We had a unique situation with our landlord and were wrongfully evicted. Found Mr. Cabral on this site, called him and right away started working on our case providing us with information and drafting up all the technical details for us. We just provided the facts. If you have any tenant legal issues were your being sued I highly recommend giving him a call. Kept us informed all the way through the process.

     Posted by Craig

    • I Would Highly Recommend That You Contact Mr. Cabral With Your Landlord/Tenant Issue Today !!!

    I am a tenant who was wrongfully being evicted by a deceitful and deceptive landlord. I found Mr. Cabral on Avvo and contacted him. He immediately struck me as a to-the-point, down-to-earth person who was extremely knowledgeable. He willingly shared his professional and well-researched perspective on the phone. We then made an appointment for a face-to-face consultation. At the consultation, I was entirely surprised by how carefully and thoroughly he studied all of the information I brought with me, it had to be at least 50 pages of documentation. It made my wife and I feel that he was genuinely interested in our family’s welfare and not just looking to collect money (as has been the previous norm of my interactions with lawyers). We came to an understanding and an agreement that was totally and entirely fair. Mr. Cabral then filed the necessary answers and additional motions that entirely put the shady landlord and property manager in their place. I could never thank Mr. Cabral enough for the burden of stress that he helped alleviate from me and my family. He is an extremely unselfish and caring person who kept us completely in the loop of what was going on during the entire process. If you are having tenant/landlord issues (especially if you are the tenant), you would be doing yourself a great disservice by not contacting Mr. Cabral. It was one of the best decisions I made!

    Posted by a Landlord & Tenant client